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Concentrating on the Breath

Concentrating on the breath is achieved simply by being mindful of our breathing. Breathing in, I know that I am breathing in. Breathing out, I know that I am breathing out. Breathing in a long breath, I know that I am breathing in a long breath. It’s simply being aware that we are breathing and being mindful of our breath instead of getting distracted by discursive thinking. This is thought to be of great benefit because it helps us to be ardent, alert, and mindful. Training in mindfulness helps us overcome the fetters and calm mental and bodily fabrications.


Daniel is a Dharma Teacher, writer, and podcaster. In his day job he’s a labor activist and government worker. Daniel has been practicing Buddhism and meditating for over twenty years and has practiced with many different teachers. Daniel trained and ordained as a Chan Dharma Teacher in the Dharma Winds tradition under Venerable Yaoxin Shakya. Daniel was given the name QianMing Shakya

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