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Dharma Talk : Encouragement and Basic Goodness


I had the opportunity to give this talk through Daily Dharma Gathering and it was streamed live on Susan Piver’s Facebook page. It was a great experience and I wanted to make sure I shared it with you. Watch it here.


Daniel is a Dharma Teacher, writer, and podcaster. In his day job he’s a labor activist and government worker. Daniel has been practicing Buddhism and meditating for over twenty years and has practiced with many different teachers. Daniel trained and ordained as a Chan Dharma Teacher in the Dharma Winds tradition under Venerable Yaoxin Shakya. Daniel was given the name QianMing Shakya

4 thoughts on “Dharma Talk : Encouragement and Basic Goodness

  1. I usually enjoy your messages. So, when this came up in my in-box, I listened as a treat to myself. I’m glad I did. I appreciate the encouragement. What spoke directly to my heart was the part towards the end where you spoke about the meme and “I want to be the person who crosses oceans”. I try to be that person, too, even though people around me don’t always understand it. Thank you.

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