Daniel is a meditation teacher, writer, and podcaster. In his day job he’s a labor activist and government worker.

Daniel specializes bringing meditation practice and Buddhism to people in a practical way that applies to real life. He teaches in groups and retreats.

Daniel has been practicing Buddhism and meditating for over twenty years and has practiced with many different teachers. Daniel trained and ordained as a Chan Dharma Teacher in the Dharma Winds tradition under Venerable Yaoxin Shakya. Daniel was given the name QianMing Shakya.

Prior to that he has served as a Dharma Facilitator at the Rime Buddhist Center in the Tibetan Rime Tradition and he went through Dharma Teacher training in the lay TsaoTung Chan lineage founded by Charles Luk through the International Chan Buddhism Institute.

Daniel is a co-owner of the website The Tattooed Buddha and he has written for Lion’s Roar, Elephant Journal, Patheos, and The Mighty.



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